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Deal > Superface Multi Lightful Stick
Superface Makeup Highlighter Shadow Stick

1 x 1 x 4 inches
1.3 ounces
Product Description
Product Description:
5 IN 1 MULTIPURPOSE SHADING STICK : Light and creamy formula glides onto your skin smoothly with the multipurpose of shading, highlight, blushing, lip eye and cheekbone shading. Take this multi lightful stick in your purse and use as needed.

ADDS RADIANCE THAT CREATES HEALTHY LOOK : Illuminating glow. No need to worry about looking dull even after caking on makeup. Soft Focus Powder smoothly lands on your skin and creates radiant healthy glow. It's like gold in a stick!

NATURAL ILLUMINATOR WITHOUT SMUDGING : We've all had smudges when trying to add some cosmetic glow. Our fine micro powder system gives you natural, buildable iridescent highlights without smudging.

SWEAT AND SEBUM CONTROL : Another amazing feature of our product - elastic silky powder selectively controls sweat and oil (sebum). You somewhat hesitate whether you should put on full make up during the day time because it's hot. Good news! It is okay to use our product without worrying about getting sweaty or looking too much.

GLOW WITHOUT GLITTER: Strobing stick naturally highlights, and wont get you all glittery like when your daughter plays dressup!
"Inspired by Magic Hour moment of Photography, it brings magical healthy glow on cheeks, lips, eyes."

'Magic Hour' is considered the perfect condition for photography as it casts warm and diffused light onto models' faces, and hightlights your healthy shades and glow.
Lightweight and creamy formula glides onto your skin smoothly with benefit as an eyeshadow + blusher + highlighter + lip + shading. A truly all in one face illuminator blusher stick.

Additional Information
Superface is one of the best selling Korean cosmetics brands, and is even used by actors and actresses.
This strobing highlighter (or as we like to call it: shimmer stick) blends the sheen of pearls into your cheekbones, resulting in luminous, glowing skin.
[Directions for Use]
- Apply face highlighter to eyes, lips or cheeks for a beautifully illuminated veil of natural color.
- Blend with superface director's choice contour brush.

[Key Ingredients]
Eruca Savita Leaf Extract, Ginko Biloba Leaf Extract, Carnellia Japonias Leaf Extract, Cammellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Triticum Vulgare Sprout Extract, Medicago Sativa Extract, Broccoli Sprout Extract


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Wonderful product

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Works great for me

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I like these product

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They came very quickly amd I am very pleased

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Good one !

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They are a must try product.

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